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2016-2017 Graduate Catalog (as of 08-31-16) 
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog (as of 08-31-16) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Historic Preservation, M.S.

Carter L. Hudgins, Program Director

Mary Margaret Schley, Administrative Coordinator


Mission Statement

The mission of the collaborative Clemson University / College of Charleston Graduate Program in Historic Preservation is to educate future leaders in the documentation, evaluation, interpretation, and conservation of historic structures, sites, objects, and landscapes with the goal of developing appropriate preservation strategies for a sustainable future. Utilizing Charleston and the Lowcountry as a laboratory, students in this professional degree program acquire the diverse skills necessary for rewarding professional careers. Areas of emphasis include: Architectural History and Cultural Significance; Documentation and Interpretation of Landscapes, Buildings, Interiors and Objects; Historic Building Materials, Techniques, and Treatments; Contextual Design and Planning; Conservation Science and Material Analysis; Preservation Policy and Cultural Resource Management; Sustainability and the Economics of Rehabilitation

Program Description

The Graduate Program in Historic Preservation offers a 60 credit M.S. in Historic Preservation and is a joint degree program between the College of Charleston and Clemson University. Courses are offered at the studios and laboratories located at 701 East Bay Street on the second floor of the Cigar Factory. The program is structured sequentially beginning with an initial core semester devoted to the analysis and documentation of historic sites, followed by an implementation semester organized around the development of preservation projects. After a summer internship, the second year is comprised of advanced classes and a required thesis. The organizational structure of the degree program and the curriculum have been developed with the guidance of numerous professional organizations including the National Council for Preservation Education as well as the regional professional community in preservation and design.

Minimum Admission Requirements

Admission to the joint Clemson / College of Charleton MSHP program flows through the Graduate Admissions Office at Clemson University.  The MSHP program draws its students from across the United States and abroad.  Admission to the program is selective. While there are no specific GPA or GRE cutoffs, faculty members look for evidence of undergraduate achievement and commitment to a career in historic preservation during admissions review.  Letters of recommendation as well as written purpose statements are also required.  International students must submit TOEFL scores.  Submission of a portfolio, while not required, is encouraged.  Students are admitted to the program only at the start of the fall semester.  The admissions cycle thus requires submission of application and supporting materials on or before a February 15 deadline with notification to prospective students by March 15.

Transfer Credit Policy

The MSHP program does not allow automatic transfer of graduate credit. Students with graduate credit earned at another institution, in another department at the College of Charleston or Clemson University, or earned before admission to this program must have prior work evaluated for transfer credit. Requests for transfer credit to the program must be recommended and approved by the Program Director or the Dean of the Graduate School. You must make your request in writing for each course or credited activity to be transferred. Each request must be accompanied by an official transcript, catalog description and syllabus or other supporting documentation.


Program Requirements
Student Learning Outcomes