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Medical Humanities Minor

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Kathleen Béres Rogers, Director

The College of Charleston’s minor in Medical Humanities draws from a variety of departments including history, English, anthropology, sociology, psychology, Latin-American studies, philosophy, and Women’s and Gender Studies. The minor approaches health, disease and medical care as culturally embedded human experiences that vary across time and place. Therefore, courses can address human expression about medicine and health, including art, literature, music, art history etc study of the human factors affecting medical practice, including history, sociology, psychology, anthropology, classics, and religion, and analyses of debates surrounding medicine and health research, including philosophy, economics, and law.

Minor Requirements


Course NameTerm TakenGrade
MEDH 200 Introduction to Medical Humanities (3)

Choose five from (15 credit hours)

Students may take no more than two (2) courses in any one discipline. Special Topics courses may be counted for the minor by permission of the program director; at least 1/3 of course content must be relevant to medical humanities.
Course NameTerm TakenGrade
ANTH 203 Introduction to Biological Anthropology (3)
ANTH 340 Medical Anthropology (3)
COMM 336 Addressing Problems in Context (3)

Prerequisite(s): COMM 104 or COMM 280; COMM 214 or COMM 215; or department chair permission. A grade of C- or better must be earned for all prerequisite courses.

HIST 291 Disease, Medicine, and History (3)

Prerequisite(s): EITHER HIST 115-HIST 116 OR any other combination of courses that satisfies the general education history requirement.

PHIL 170 Biomedical Ethics (3)
PSYC 221 Abnormal Psychology (3)

Prerequisite(s): PSYC 103

PSYC 312 Adverse Childhood Experiences (3)

Prerequisite(s): PSYC 103 

PSYC 329 Environmental Psychology (3)

Prerequisite(s): PSYC 103.

PSYC 333 Health Psychology (3)

Prerequisite(s): PSYC 103.

PSYC 335 Positive Psychology: Optimizing Psychological Well-being (3)

Prerequisite(s): PSYC 103 

PSYC 344 Psychology of Substance Abuse (3)

Prerequisite(s): PSYC 103 and PSYC 221 

PSYC 350 Psychology of Gender (3)

Prerequisite(s): PSYC 103.

SOCY 335 Aging and the Family (3)

Prerequisite(s): SOCY 101 or HONS 167 or SOCY 102.

SOCY 336 Death and Dying (3)

Prerequisite(s): SOCY 101 or HONS 167 or SOCY 102.

SOCY 340 Medical Sociology (3)

Prerequisite(s): SOCY 101 or HONS 167 or SOCY 102.

SOCY 344 Social Gerontology (3)

Prerequisite(s): SOCY 101 or HONS 167 or SOCY 102.

SOCY 349 Special Topics in Social Problems (3)

Prerequisite(s): SOCY 101 or HONS 167 or SOCY 102.

WGST 350 Gender, Violence and Prevention (3)

Choose one from (1 credit hour)

Course NameTerm TakenGrade
MEDH 400 Capstone in Medical Humanities (1)

Prerequisite(s): MEDH 200, declared Medical Humanities Minor

MEDH 495 Medical Humanities Internship (1)

Prerequisite(s): MEDH 200, declared Medical Humanities Minor

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