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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog (As of 10-03-17) 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog (As of 10-03-17) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Business

Phone: 843.953.5627
Alan T. Shao, Dean

Jocelyn Evans, Associate Dean
Marcia Snyder, Assistant Dean of Student Learning

Mission Statement

The School of Business serves our state, region, and the global business world by educating socially responsible graduates through practical undergraduate, graduate and professional programs and by advancing the development of our community of scholars in their intellectual pursuits.

We fulfill this Mission by:

  • Engaging diverse students in personalized educational experiences that encourage a global mindset, inspire creativity and innovation, and develop leadership skills in preparation for business challenges and opportunities.
  • Building a globally oriented faculty who’s teaching, research, and service influence students, the business community, and other constituents.

The overall learning goals for our School of Business are as follows:

  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Students demonstrate the ability, via both written and spoken word, to effectively present, critique, and defend ideas in a cogent, persuasive manner.
  • QUANTITATIVE FLUENCY: Students demonstrate competency in logical reasoning and data analysis skills.
  • GLOBAL AND CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY: Students identify and define social, ethical, environmental and economic challenges at local, national and international levels. Students integrate knowledge and skills in addressing these issues.
  • INTELLECTUAL INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY: Students demonstrate their resourcefulness and originality in addressing extemporaneous problems.
  • SYNTHESIS: Students integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines incorporating learning from both classroom and non-classroom settings in the completion of complex and comprehensive tasks.

All programs in the School of Business at the College of Charleston are accredited by AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) International, the most prestigious accrediting body for business schools. With over 1,900 current majors and 80 minors from outside of the School, the School of Business is building its reputation for excellence with distinctive programs that emphasize ethical and global awareness and the development of effective communication and problem-solving abilities. Outstanding opportunities are available to our students through internships, study abroad programs and mentoring relationships with alumni and the business community.

Beta Gamma Sigma

Beta Gamma Sigma is the honor society for students enrolled in business and management programs accredited by AACSB International.

Entry Level Business Courses

The entry level business courses are the building blocks of a solid business education. The concepts you learn in these classes will be used throughout your upper level business classes. Therefore, it is important that you LEARN these concepts rather than just memorizing them the night before a test.

We strongly encourage students to complete the following courses by the end of their sophomore year. These courses are prerequisites for many upper level junior and senior business and economics courses.

Entry Level Courses for the Economics Major include:

Students are encouraged to declare their major in the School of Business as early in their academic career as possible.to receive additional academic advising and student engagement opportunities.

Core Business Courses

In addition to Entry Level Business Courses, the Core Business courses for all business major programs (not including the Economics major) in the School of Business include:

* BLAW 205  is not required in the International Business Major.
**DSCI courses may be modified as discipline specific courses in some majors.

Any student who is interested in the programs at the School of Business should contact the Student Success Center for more information on programs, policies and procedures.

Minor Restrictions

The following School of Business minors are available for students with majors other than the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree:

Notes on Policies and Restrictions

  1. For all programs in the School of Business, ECON 200  and ECON 201  satisfy the general education requirement for social science, and MATH 104  or MATH 250  and MATH 105  or MATH 120  , required for all SB majors, satisfy the general education requirement for math (cannot use SNAP alternatives).
  2. At least fifty percent of the business credit hours required for a major or minor from the School of Business must be completed in residence at the College of Charleston.  Residency is defined as instruction delivered by the College of Charleston, the degree granting institution.
  3. Majors must complete at least fifty percent of the required credit hours for the degree outside the School of Business.
  4. Upper-level courses (300 and 400 level) will not transfer from two-year colleges or non-AACSB accredited four-year colleges.
  5. Students with majors outside of the School of Business may receive a maximum of 30 business school credit hours.

Honors Program in Business

Phone: 843.953.5358
Roxane DeLaurell, Director

The School of Business Honors Program offers a unique, rigorous, and challenging academic experience to a select group of College of Charleston students. The program offers accelerated curricula, independent research opportunities, and individual mentoring experiences with faculty and with alumni for high-caliber, very motivated students who pursue any major within the school.

Each year a group of approximately 20 students is admitted into a four-year program which begins with a summer orientation prior to arriving on campus and continues through the presentation of an honors thesis or capstone project during the senior year.

Students who are accepted into the College of Charleston Honors College and note a preference for any major in the School of Business are automatically considered for the School of Business Honors Program. Acceptance into this program is based on academic achievement, leadership, social diversity, creativity, and community service activities.

Honors Program in Business Requirements

Students must complete the graduation requirements of the College of Charleston, the Honors College, and the School of Business Honors Program. Many of these courses also satisfy the major requirements in the school.

For specific program information, please contact the School of Business Honors Program director.
NOTE: HONS 280  is actually HONS 280 Honors Special Topics Course (1-4) .This course is repeatable up to 12 hours as topics will vary.

International Study Abroad

The School of Business is committed to facilitating study abroad opportunities for our students. Study abroad significantly adds to students’ educational experience, expanding perspectives in important ways. In a global economy, international experiences can be key to success in business. Effective fall semester 2009, all International Business majors are required to participate in a study abroad activity.

  • Advanced, prior to departure, approval must be obtained on all major courses in which the student plans to enroll abroad in consultation with the School of Business Global Studies Office.
  • Failure to establish prior approval may result in the delay, failure or inadequate posting of credits from study abroad to the College of Charleston record as well as delays in registration for future semesters.

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Student Learning Outcomes