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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog (As of 08-20-17) 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog (As of 08-20-17) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Gifted and Talented Education Graduate Certificate

Julie Dingle Swanson, Program Director

Mission Statement

The goals of the GTE program are to

  • Provide a program of study at the graduate level in gifted and talented education for the purpose of adding an area of certification and in doing so, contribute to the credentialing of gifted and talented educators in South Carolina.
  • Provide teachers with a focused program of study which supports their development of knowledge and skills across the program

Program Description

The certificate in Gifted and Talented Education provides a specialized concentration of coursework for currently licensed educators seeking plus 18 credentials.

Admission Requirements

Admissions requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Gifted and Talented Education include:

  1. Graduate School application
  2. Current teaching certificate
  3. College transcripts All materials should be submitted by July 30.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall: March 1, Priority; July 1, Final
  • Spring: November 1
  • Summer: March 1

Transfer Credit Policy

Students may receive credit for taking equivalent coursework at the graduate level at other institutions within the past five years. In some cases coursework may transfer. Up to 6 hours of transfer credit may be applied to this certificate, from CEC/NAGC/NCATE accredited teacher education programs.

Program Requirements
Student Learning Outcomes