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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Data Science and Analytics, M.S.

Program Requirements

Credit Hours: 30

Complete one of the following options:

Practicum Option

Complete 6 credit hours of DATA 698 Practicum in Data Science and Analytics (3) .

For the practicum option, the student is responsible for proposing a practicum project at an orgaization conducting data science and analytics work. His/her practicum must directly relate to data science and analytics concepts at the graduate level. Students already employed in a data science field must perform additional data science tasks outside of their existing responsibilities. Practicum experiences must be approved by both the program director and the practicum course instructor prior to enrolling in DATA 698 .

Complete 6 credit hours from the following list of courses:

Thesis Option

Complete 6 credit hours of DATA 699 Thesis in Data Science and Analytics (3) .

The thesis option requires traditional research project characterized by a comprehensive paper on a research topic. A thesis faculty advisor must be identified by the student. The advisor chairs a Master’s Thesis Committee of at least three faculty members. The Committee must approve thesis proposals prior to a student enrolling in DATA 699 . The Committee also ultimately decides if the student has successfully defended his/her thesis which is required to graduate.

Complete 6 credit hours from the following list of courses:

Transfer Credit Policy

No program specific guidelines. Please refer to the Graduate School’s transfer credit policy .